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Patent Attorneys
Patent Attorneys

Brendan Lillis Your Patent Law Attorney

Brendan concentrates his practice in all areas of intellectual property and technology law, with particular emphasis on patent preparation and prosecution and opinion work in the software, mobile applications, and electronic arts, and drafting and negotiating technology contracts, including licenses, service agreements, terms of use, and privacy policies. In addition, he assists clients with a wide variety of data security and privacy issues, including compliance with data privacy regulations, defense of regulatory actions, and preparing companies for cybersecurity risks associated with collecting, storing, and processing of personal data.

Prior to working at KSG, Brendan was a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), where he worked in the computer memory art unit


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Patent Attorneys

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions about patent law.

  • A patent refers to the intellectual property rights to an invention or new discovery that is useful, novel, or not obvious. There are 3 types of patents:

    1. Utility patent: Applies to inventions for processes, machines, and matter composition. It protects the way something works, as opposed to the way something looks, like a part in a machine or a computer.
    2. Design patent: Protects the physical appearance of a good, as opposed to its functionality. The line between a design and utility patent often blurs, as modern manufacturing often sees products containing aspects of both.
    3. Plant utility: Protects the invention or discovery of an asexually reproducible plant that is distinct and new.

    A patent attorney can help you determine which type of patent application you need to submit.

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Patent Attorneys
Patent Attorneys
Patent Attorneys
Patent Attorneys

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